Getting Over Grief Wife Died – Testimonial

The text below is taken from Virgil’s testimonial, this text is not word for word but I think it has the jist of what he is saying, the video was published in 2015, if after watching the video if you would like more information click here.

I am going to tell you about a very unfortunate experience that happened to me this past January 11th, after two years of fighting a disease my wife succumbed to cancer.

Even though I thought I was preparing myself for it, that isn’t exactly what happened, when she did pass away I got a phone call saying she had passed, I found it difficult to make the arrangements for her funeral, we had been together for 26 years and I enjoyed her company immensely.

A friend who was a pastor helped me through this and the funeral director was also a great help. When it was all over I was filled with guilt and remorse, I reached out to my friends on Facebook, I had never been on Facebook.

I got some responses and some phone calls, I was still miserable but before my wife had passed away we had tried EFT so I decided to try again, and it did not help, I had tried it while she was alive but I did not help then.

I was getting all these bad feelings and thoughts, I was not sleeping I was not eating, and I thought if I went on YouTube and learnt more about EFT it might help.

Two weeks of this and I am feeling pretty miserable, one night while trying to decide which video might help, I saw this thumb nail with the words Why EFT Doesn’t Work.

I thought that the one I’m going to watch because I have been watching and nothing was happening maybe he can help, and there was this guy talking about another form of EFT.

After watching the video, I thought it was just another one of those tapping things, it probable won’t work anyway. It was a lot simpler than EFT and I thought that this is a sign that it is probable not going to work so I didn’t try it.

I was trying affirmations and meditation, I don’t drink or take drugs so these were not an option, and I felt stuck so I went back to the videos on YouTube that night. I thought I have nothing to lose so I decided to give this guy a shot, and as I thought, nothing happened it did not do a bit of good (at that moment).

So I went to bed still feeling bad, I slept all right and woke early next morning, and as I was thinking, I felt strange I did not have any of the negative feelings, I could not feel the grief or the emptiness.

I thought it must have been that tapping thing, it’s got to be I did not try anything else, I’m not stricken with this grief in my heart, I could not feel the emptiness now.

I couldn’t believe it I thought something was wrong with my mind, I thought I was having a nervous breakdown, I thought maybe I need more help, but it felt good, it felt right, I was enjoying it I felt lighter and happier, I guess it worked but how.

I thought how could this happen, I have never had anything that changed my thoughts or my feeling so profoundly, I held on to these feelings I was enjoying it, I then had this voice saying you really shouldn’t be feeling this good your wife has just passed away.

I told that voice to take a flying leap I don’t want any part of you, you can go away right now, I am enjoying what I have right now, your not going to take this away this is good, I have not felt this way in a long time.

I had to find out why, how can it be, how can it happen this is not normal, so I decided to dig into this, I watched as many videos as I could of this method of doing EFT.

I watched the founder of this, a guy named Robert Smith, I watched him work with people and segments of training videos, and watched him explain it over and over again I thought how could this be so simple.

It is simple that’s the key to it, it’s simple its fast and it works, and why shouldn’t it be if you can get in there and target the emotions it works, I had found the keys to the kingdom, there’s a pot of gold at each end of the rainbow if you know where to look.

I want this, so I am taking a serious look at it, I want it and I want to share it with other people, I am hear on a weekend training and I glad that I am, I have Robert Smith to thank for it.

He’s a awesome guy he’s a wonderful teacher, his approach to this stuff is like no other teacher I have been in contact with, he has a way of putting it over like he’s communicating with your thoughts.

I am glad he has put this together, I felt that he had put this together just for me, all I can say is of a person has an emotional problem going on it worked for me you’ve got to give it a try.

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