Weight Loss – Stephanie’s Testimonial

Weight Loss Testimonial

Robert introduces Stephanie who lost over 100lbs.

Lets just say I had to make some life changing decisions and it concerns other people, I went out and my friend cooked me a dinner and he gave me the cheese cake, he took a piece out and gave me what was left.

It was Sarah Lee cheesecake, I wouldn’t have had it if he hadn’t gave it to me. I got home and was trying to decide which way I should go and I just started eating that cheesecake, half way through I stopped and said I should not be eating this.

I was thinking what’s going wrong here the real problem is this decision, let me just tap on it, the inside of me said you don’t have to make the decision now and you don’t have to make it tomorrow, just put the cheese cake down and go to the movies.

We See Stephanie About Ten Months Later.

You know what let me back up on that, my first workshop so many issues started coming up that I dropped the weight loss, and I did not focus on that because, I started seeing different things that I felt were more important to work on.

Like my spiritual wellbeing, taking time for me, enjoying me, honouring me because everyone in my house would be decked out in designer clothes, and I would look like I fell of a trash truck.

I total sacrificed myself to make sure they had, so the first time through it was like purging, so much was coming up I felt like I had to work on those spiritual issues.

I had to learn how to get quiet, learn how to listen, learn to not take myself personally, even at 267 I had lost 5lbs and I started seeing a beautiful woman, even being at this weight wearing size 20 clothing.

I just started telling myself I was a beautiful woman when I started focusing on the weight loss, I did not really focused too hard on it. It took about ten months for the weight to come off, the main thing I focused on was walking, how I felt when I walked and I realised I liked it I liked being outside.

For the first six months it was just melting off, and I did not go on a diet per say, I just made a list of the things that I knew wasn’t helping my situation that I could live without, I still eat plenty of candy.

When tapping since then I realised that half a cheeseburger tasted just the same as a whole cheeseburger, and I started learning about portion sizes and when I was full how to stop, and experimenting with some new foods, I gave a few things up because I didn’t really like them anyway.

I just ate them because the were convenient like potato chips, I’m not really a potato chip fan, I just replaced them with some thing like almonds, I don’t eat a lot of bread because I wasn’t bread fan anyway.

It was just personal choice, not like I am trying to be on this super diet.

The Text Below Is Taken From Another Video

Stephanie mentions that she found Robert through a flyer she saw, when she was attending Unity, it had two of her favourite words on free and weight loss.

I attended the meeting and was very sceptical, and was waiting for the sales pitch, the magic pills the $49 book, and was ready to pay for it.

At the time she was having pains in her knees, and Robert tapped it away she thought it was just a fluke, but in the morning next day the pain was back and Stephanie started tapping and it went away.

That was it Stephanie was sold on tapping.

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